About Us

We are a small veteran-owned bee woodenware business.  We started out like many hobby beekeepers by purchasing woodenware through a major online retailer.  The boxes worked fine but we learned from experience that we wanted a higher quality product for our bee yard. So we started making our own boxes in 2018. You'll notice the difference in craftsmanship between us and the big guys right away.  

As you will find out in your beekeeping journey, we keep learning from our experience.  And as a result, you'll reap the benefits from our improved products and new ideas to help improve honeybee health through the propolis hive box.

Our textured interiors hive boxes have shown through testing and field research to be the most accepted by bees as a surface for them to spread propolis.  With more research and field use into insulated hives, propolis coated hive interiors, and smaller brood chambers, we can help alleviate some of the stress our bees face today,