6 frame Darwinian double wall kit (9 5/8") with exterior handles - textured interior - 3 boxes (unassembled/made to order)


Crafted using high quality, locally sourced select grade White pine lumber.

Kit includes:

1 Breathable R-16 bottom board

3 R-10 fully insulated, breathable, 6 frame hive bodies that are completely compatible with your existing 10 frame hives bodies for honey collection! 

1 Breathable R-17 telescoping cover with included canvas inner cover.

2 piece honey collection flashing kit allowing you to use the 10 frame gear you already have to collect honey!

Utilizing the industry's first and only commercially available texture to mimic natural nesting cavity walls throughout the entire interior of the hive body to promote propolis deposits and in time a continuous propolis coating on every textured surface of the hive.  These are not just "rough sawn" interiors like other supply houses are offering.  Our texture has been tested and refined over several years to guarantee the best results we can provide to not only you the customer but the inhabitants of your hive as well.  

Our exterior handles are designed for more confident handling of your hive when moving about the apiary. With an angle facing the box met with softly rounded corners is grasped by any hand a reassurance of what is next to come is sure to be felt.  

All hive bodies come with weather proof aluminum entrance closures and the hardware to assemble.