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At Propolis Hive Company we believe ongoing research and innovation aimed at providing honeybees the most evolutionarily and biologically correct hives should be top priority.  We offer textured beekeeping hive boxes to replicate natural nesting cavities.  This texture enables propolis deposits throughout the nest.  The more propolis deposits, the better chances of bees protecting their own health.

Learn what Macy, the pharmacist, has to say about propolis and its benefits to honeybee health:

Illustrations by: Lafe Smith

In addition to offering non-insulated textured bee boxes, our initiative to bring properly thermally regulated hives is moving forward as well.

We are proud to introduce the Darwinian hive.

The Darwinian Hive Advantages

No more winter wrapping.

Easily regulated hive climate (temperature, humidity, air flow, gases content).

Most evolutionarily aligned hive to still offer Langstroth compatibility.

Ability for the bees to utilize propolis to their advantage. 

3 Deep Darwinian Hive Kit with Exterior Handles
R-16 insulation value bottom, R-17 insulation value top. Confidence assuring exterior handles.
Darwinian Box with recessed handles.
R-10 insulation value with no thermal breaks. Propolis deposit promoting texture.
Sloped, Breathable Bottom Boards.
Air and water drainage. Ensures bottom center is the coldest part of the winter configuration.
Small propolizable entrances.
1.5x3.5 inch canvas line. Fixed but movable entrance closures, tighten or loosen the screw with your hive tool.
Industry's first propolis promoting texture.
Not just "rough sawn" lumber. Our texture is field tested. Giving your bees the ability to propolize their entire nest cavity.